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There are spiritual practices and traditional knowledge in the Mayan-Q'eqchi' culture and identity that are strongly linked to conservation, sustainable and respectful use of nature. Under this framework, the revaluation and strengthening of traditional Maya-Q'eqchi' knowledge is a key aspect to promote the appreciation, awareness and appropriation of nature and that which is desired to be preserved. In this sense, we have proposed the Cultural Rescue and Revaluation Program in which 175 elderly men and women from the regions of Santa Lucía, Salacuim and Nimlaha'kok participate voluntarily by sharing their knowledge so that they are rescued, revalued and returned to children, young people , authorities, men and women from 94 communities, using different ways of transmitting knowledge at an experiential, written and audiovisual level. This program is an educational experience respectful of the local majority culture and we promote the reinforcement and practice of values for community and social coexistence, as well as the feeling of pride in the Mayan and Guatemalan culture.

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