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We believe that in order to achieve an adequate comprehensive and sustainable management and use of natural resources, community participation is essential, which must start from the self-identification of their problems and from the will and responsibility for the planning, execution and evaluation processes. of activities in favor of their resources. Starting from a community/regional diagnosis and the processes of the Socialization program, we create the necessary spaces and mechanisms so that the necessary link can be made between the technical-scientific and the local reality-needs, so that it can be translated into the effective fulfillment of the regulations that we so urgently need. In this component we work directly with entire communities and mainly with authorities such as the First and Second Level Community Councils, Councils of Elders and Regional Dialogue Tables to be able to establish, in a participatory and consensual manner, the management and conservation options for natural resources. that are socially, culturally and economically relevant to our area of work.

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