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School Environmental-Cultural Education Program

PEACE is the first process of environmental-cultural education in Guatemala that has been developed from 2009 to 2011 with the incorporation of resource guards, continuously trained to work as environmental educators in their own communities. Subsequently, the training has been with local youth so that they can be facilitators of this process in schools and institutes. The objective is to educate and sensitize students regarding the respectful and responsible use of nature; valuing natural resources in an integral way (ecological, economic, cultural and existence value); increasing scientific knowledge about nature; and, in turn, contributing to strengthen and rescue traditional Mayan-Q'eqchi' environmental knowledge. We have had a population of 56 schools and 2,210 students from 45 communities. Since its inception, PEACE has had a continuous evaluation process at different levels and the results obtained show that there has been an increase in knowledge from 4% to 74% and that there is high acceptance and identification with the process. PEACE has the Accreditation of the Ministries of Environment and Education of Guatemala, becoming the first long-term school environmental education process that has such support at the national level.

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